A New Jersey girl who has been living in Spain since 2009–first Madrid, now Barcelona–writing about innovation, business, government, technology, environment, energy, design y mas in Spain. She writes and works for many tech startups, helping them shine with her expert content marketing, social media and blogging skills. She also mentors and coaches other start-ups and individuals, helping them sell and shine.

Digital Marketing and eBranding Services

Branding is all about what people say about you when you aren't there. We tailor messaging and cross-platform branding to your team, to you added value and to your audience.

Social Media

55% of all customers check social media before making a purchase. Facebook is ideal for B2C and community building, Twitter for attracting influencers, YouTube for SEO and different learning styles, and LinkedIn is essential to building your reputable brand. We do it all for you.


Your brand needs to be consistent across all platforms from your website to your PR to your social media to your blog to even your teammate's online presence. Years of experience into building your a stonrg online brand that converts to trust and long-term customers.


But first, you need to get your prospects to your website. My team is able to use search engine optimization and Google know-how to create a website filled with well-positioned long-tail keywords, backlinks

Writing Services

The eBranding Ninja is an exceptionally compelling, well published writer. Take advantage of that to streamline your messaging, build your public relations, and close more deals.

Technical Writing

An incredible ability to write about technical topics so even a luddite can understand. If you work in a highly technical arena, you need to be able to market your brand so your lay customers and Google can find you in the first place.

B2B Blogging

Your blog is the added value to offer so clients are attracted to your services. It adds the humanity to your service. It offers savory and SEO-friendly advice, and it converts Maybe to Yes

Website Content

If you aren't getting the right leads, you need to change your website content. We can make sure that the content balances SEO with engaging user experience. Everything on your website should be written and designed for the quickest conversion rate.

Why Businesses Love the eBranding Ninja